Free Illustrations And Animation To Up Your Design Game


Free Illustrations And Animation To Up Your Design Game

Stunning designs and dynamic illustrations seize attention, don’t you agree?

Being in the creative field, I work with a team of many designers to create impressive posts, applications, websites for our clients. Our team uses a variety of tools for creating illustration design, manipulating, and framing illustration design. Here I am going to tell you about the reasons to use illustrations, collections that offer free illustrations tools to edit.

What is an Illustration?

An illustration is a beautification, understanding, or visual explanation of a text, idea, or concept intended to publish in digital or print media such as banners, flyers, magazines, books, games, and movies. The illustration implies giving an illustrated design.

With the digital innovation and the expanding significance of illustration and designing for various fields, these art and skills have opened up a new dimension in the digital and print world. These exhibit potential outcomes and styles.

Eye-catching wall art. Photo by Alex Holyoake

Five reasons to use illustrations

There is currently different software that can be installed to accomplish diverse illustration styles, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape and many others.

1. Illustrating to a Story

We love stories; however, how it is explained can make it or break it. For a story or message to be effective, it must be well depicted. The demonstration of a story is significant, and it has ended up being incredibly amazing all through the ages.

For instance, you have 5 seconds to unfold a story on your website page, and your visitors may have a couple of valuable seconds to be noticed, so you have to make the most of it. The illustration can do this by creating a connection with your visitors and readers.

2. Cost-Effective Choice

You need to check your financial plan, and this gives you a smart thought of how much time you have. The cash can be spent in a few different ways, and individuals will, in general, believe that custom illustration costs the world.

Without a doubt, it does not come at a low price, yet nor do the other choices. If you assign a photographer or use a quality stock photography, these can regularly wind up costing significantly more.

An illustration is created with skill, and hard work can be shockingly reasonable and attractive though you can use free illustrations for websites.

3. No Restrictions

One of the positive sides of illustration is that you can actually draw anything with your creative mind. You can create anything using simile, metaphor, symbol and images. This is the highest form of art. It is useful and attractive too. This is excellent for branding and leads works for businesses.

4. Show Data

Gathering information is so significant when organizations are estimating their prosperity. This information can be collected on a spreadsheet, making it clear and easy to survey and set a strategy to improve.

A fantastic method to spread this information and figures is through infographics. Infographics are attractive and popular right now for explanation. At that point, when done well, they can call for complex information.

Thus, you generate leads and branding and make it more straightforward for the audience to understand.

5. Set Unique Value for Your Audience

Nowadays everybody has a camera in his or her pocket and the capacity to take postcard-size photos, so we are getting used to seeing dazzling photography. Numerous alluring sites comprise an excellent background picture mixed with some white sans-serif texts.

Unique illustration offers a chance to accomplish something that can assist your customers by making an increasingly exciting and refreshing experience of your business.

Here are 9 collections that offer stunning and Free Illustrations and animation

These are some open-source illustrations platforms that offer stunning and free illustrations.

Open Doodles

Open Doodles is a hand-drawn vector illustration. You can duplicate, alter, remix, or redraw these pictures for any business or personal use.


It is an open-source illustration website. Freepik causes you to discover free vectors, illustrations, symbols, PSD and photos for use in presentation, banners, sites, books and magazines.


It is an assortment of entirely customizable PSD illustrations, in two styles, accessible to use on your next application, website or other projects.


An updated collection of MIT authorized illustrations; you can use them on your projects, sites, applications. I was overwhelmed by the sheer nature of work, that it is so fast to download all of them.


Ouch helps makers who know the value of graphics and illustrations. It is very easy to create behance illustrations on the Ouch platform. It is an open-source illustration.


It is a free illustration library—yet not at all like most, it explicitly offers illustrations of humans. The best part is, there are huge resources for mix-and-match so that you can make any human structure you are imagining.

LukaszAdam Illustrations

LukaszAdam Illustrations is a weekly updated collection of free vector art and illustrations. They are made with love and efforts by an extremely kind and capable free website specialist, Lukasz Adam.

IRA Design

It will assist you in creating astonishing illustrations, using the hand-drawn sketch. You can mix & match five accessible gradients and various other components such as characters, and background) and download everything.

Open source Illustrations Kit

This is a great undertaking by Vijay Verma. He started to design cool illustrations on a 100 days challenge, now he chose to upload it on this platform. Use these free illustrations sketches online.


ManyPixels is an open-source platform for entrepreneurs and new companies, offices and designers who need design help.


Craftwork is a small group of designers who create designs and illustrations that will make your work quicker and simpler. Use these free illustration sketches on your project.

Pixeltrue Free Illustrations

MIT authorized SVG illustrations in two distinct styles for you to use on your next project. Use these high-quality open-source illustrations without attribution.


Lottie is lightweight illustrations, which is lighter than a GIF. This has permitted them to have wide popularity over the years and made one of the biggest networks of designers and illustrators on the web.

Tools to Edit Illustrations

These are some popular open-source illustrations tools to edit illustrations and animations.


Open source vector designing tool Inkscape is an excellent choice for you and is the best free option in contrast to Adobe Illustrator for experts. Alongside standard drawing and shape tools, Inkscape has spiral tools and many other options to manipulate images. It can simply do anything.

Affinity Designer

In our view, the best all-round option is Affinity Designer. Started in 2014, this free vector editorial manager from British programming organization Serif has developed its influence and impact on creators. Also, it is full of features and user friendly.

Moreover, its one-time purchase of the free illustration pack is far less expensive than the Illustrator subscription. If you are an Illustrator expert, you would easily get used to editing illustrations on Affinity Designer.

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a tool that allows you to work on various modes of design and images, including UI and printed work of art and logo. It has a lot of comparable features, including a freehand drawing tool that smoothes the ways as you draw. It can make custom shapes, which could be compared to the pen tool.

Adobe Illustrator

If you are an expert creator or artist, then you should have the basic idea on how to edit illustrations on Adobe Illustrator as an independent application, or as a major aspect of the Creative Cloud suite alongside Photoshop, Lightroom and more.

Regardless of whether you are making applications or logos, it has all the components you need and works flawlessly with Adobe’s other programming. It’s not free. However, it’s the best option that you can purchase.

What do you think of these resources and tools?
Which one of these do you see using a lot?
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