About me

About Me

Hi, I am Adithya Shreshti. I appreciate the fact that you are here. Thank you

We are crossing paths for a reason, a reason that drives us to build and influence lives with greater purpose. I would like to equip you with ways and systems to help you materialise your ‘unlived’ dreams by becoming remote lifestyle entrepreneurs. 

I have a clear purpose and mission: To help 100000 people achieve remote lifestyle.

If my mission has to make sense, I feel you should know where I come from to connect the dots and see the bigger picture. 

I have been an average student during schooling, without a goal or a purpose. The situation went beyond hands after my pre-university results,  I wasn’t able continue my higher studies in a college of my choice in Bengaluru for the following two reasons:

  • 60% marks during my pre-university exams did not allow me to qualify even for entrance tests
  • Being from a middle-class background, we weren’t able to afford expensive fees and donations. 

Our only option was to look for institutions far away from home.

Long story short, I went 350 Kms away from home to pursue my higher-studies in a little town. It actually gave a lot of opportunities and made me  independent as a person.  

I graduated with a job-offer from Infosys through campus placements. Things went well for a few years. I completed my Masters, had a short stint with ITC Infotech, joined an amazing startup as founding member helping build and engage their online and offline community. 

And all of a sudden, when everything felt perfect I was given a pink slip.  I realised I have been running a rat race without a clear goal or destination. 

Went through a few months of depression not knowing my next step. No resources, no mentors who could guide me. 

2018 is when I decided to take a leap. I started unlearning and relearning. It was situation where I had to redefine myself or perish.

Invested huge sums and started on a new learning journey for a few months, thanks to dad’s support. Your family is your super heroes. 

I started my entrepreneurial journey with an holistic design and growth agency to help brands accelerate their presence through digital channels. Fast forward to now, we have built an amazing remote team and have been helping clients from various verticals to accelerate their brand.

I decided to should help others realise their entrepreneurial dreams too. You should believe you can achieve, and it is possible with right resources, systems and mentorship.

That’s my mission. To equip you with the right resources, systems and mentorship that gives you direction and help you achieve remote lifestyle. 


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