Repurposing your content in your own ‘Facebook stories’ format!

Repurposing your content in your own 'Facebook stories' format!

Repurposing your content in your own ‘Facebook stories’ format!

Snapchat was the first to implement the "Stories" format, but it became widely known only after Facebook cloned it into their apps

😱 And as per the Business Insider article from April 2019, Facebook Stories has over 500 million daily active users. That is like more than twice as many users as Snapchat. Read those numbers again – a single feature implemented by Facebook has more than double the total user base of Snapchat. Crazy isn't it?

This format being implemented across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp goes on to show how successful it is.

A few reasons for its success:

❇️Easily consumable
❇️Engaging through polls, questions, meters.
❇️Mobile-first experience
❇️The aspect of FOMO as it will be visible to the viewers only for 24 hours.

Create Facebook Stories-like experience with Once App

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