The STUDENT edition of

startup shootup

Being a freedom-prenuer has its perks, can you become one as a student?

Limited Seats

16th FEB 2019

Coimbatore, India​

About the event

Entrepreneurs are not just change makers but they are the change drivers too.
But is becoming one as easy or fancy as it sounds? Join me as I reveal not only the three secrets of starting up, but beyond it. You will also get to network with other attendees. 

The basics

  • Is taking the path of entrepreneurship right for you?
  • Qualities of  top and successful ones
  • Skills required to take on the journey of entrepreneurship

Breaking The Shell

  • Debunking the myths of being an entrepreneur
  • The easy way to start lean, scale later
  • Achieving the freedom of time, money and location

Start the journey

  • The crucial nitty gritties to focus before you begin
  • The importance of timing and problem solving
  • Building the right mindset

Ready to be your own boss?

Understand how a change in your mindset and approach could bring in amazing business opportunities your way 

Frequently Asked Question

The event takes place on Sunday,  16th Feb.You will be notified about the venue and time of the event by 5th Feb.

If you are a student or a graduate who is looking to live a lifestyle beyond cubicles or a 9-5 job – You must attend to understand the amazing opportunities ahead of you and to network.

All attendees will get access to my course on Digital Startup Blueprint worth Rs. 15,999/- and an invite to join my private group if you would like to learn, teach and grow. 

Action takers who complete the course and show progress by implementing will get awesome perks like

  • Free website setup & hosting for 6 months worth Rs. 7500/-
  • 1-2-1 Clarity session of 30 minutes (over Zoom) worth Rs. 12,500/-
  • 20% discount on upcoming courses, trainings and events.

The early-bird price is Rs. 1599/- including lunch or dinner (depending on the time of the event begins).  It will increase to Rs. 2999/- after 1st Feb. 

Head to this page, enter your details and book to reserve your seat. You will receive an email receipt too. 

In case you have any other queries, use the chat option on the bottom right corner to share your details and questions.