Certain apps and tools drive my whole system, want to know which are those?

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Here are all the stuff that I use to run my remote system and business, I personally endorse it so you can save the time and money required to experiment and jumpstart your remote journey



LIVE Streaming & Videos

  • Ecamm: A one-of a kind video production suite for not-so-tech savvy users. Record videos or LIVE stream to multiple social media channels through Ecamm
  • Onestream: Allows live-streaming pre-recorded videos to more than 40+ platforms. You can schedule LIVEs especially when you snappy internet connection or electricity issues 
  • StreamYard: Allows LIVE streaming or interviewing just through a browser, has a lot of interactive features to engage your LIVE audience too

Domains & Hosting

  • Namecheap: For anyone who is just starting their online journey, Namecheap is recommended for both domains and hosting. 

Ads, Analytics & Tracking

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics helps you understand metrics like traffic to your sites, geography of visitors, time they spent on site or on a particular page and more. 
  • Facebook Pixels & Analytics: Facebook Pixels helps optimize the performance of our ads by understanding its effectiveness along with knowing the actions taking by your website visitors. Facebook analytics helps dive deep into your audience metrics.