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It can make a Difference

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is the go-to site for many SaaS, product and startup enthusiasts across the globe to discover new and exciting products. 

Why should you launch on Product Hunt?

With nearly 5 million monthly visitors, the reach of your product increases multi-fold that brings you not only steady traffic to your site or app but also helps you

  • Get feedback from early adopters
  • Generate signups, installs or sales
  • Seize attention of Publications like TechCrunch or TNW and more. 
Why should I get the product hunted by you?

Being one of the top 50 Product Hunters globally from the past many years, I can help you with the right approach to get the attention your product requires and see some noticeable conversions – could be in-terms of traffic, signups or even MRR subscribers.   

Even though hundreds of products are submitted everyday, only select few are featured on the front page.  Achieving this  depends on various factors – primarily the profile of the person who hunts the product, product category, community engagement and more.

As an active hunter and Product Hunt community member, I will be facilitating the process for you.

I would also like to clarify that I do not represent the Product Hunt team and also do not guarantee any specific ranking or outcome as it is dependent on the product, timing and other factors (which I cover during the 1-to-1 calls too)

Why do you hunt?

I would like to share the excitement of discovering new products that makes our lives better and businesses easier. 

At the same time, I would like to help founders and teams get the attention their products deserve by not only helping them launch on Product Hunt but also cover them through interviews and posts.

Can I get someone else to hunt my product after consulting call?

Of course, you are free to decide about it. 

During the consulting call, I dive deep on the approach that has worked for 100+ launches and this has nothing to do with hunting your product unless you want me to do so. 

How much is your consulting charges?

Want to crack the code of launching successfully by discussing how to 10x the traction in first 72 hours of your product launch by implementing the right approach that brings in noticeable traffic, sign ups or MRR subscribers not just through Product Hunt but others too? Schedule a call – Let’s Speak! 

The 45-minute startup launch consulting call is priced at USD $250 (the price will be automatically showed in your local currency/based on from where you are viewing it)

And the price includes post call support and handholding, 1-to-1 assistance to help you with landing page feedback, defining pricing and offer for your product etc upto the day of your launch. 

Please note that I do not provide pro-bono consulting/calls or free advice

What next?

Scroll below to share the details about your product, make sure you follow the instructions and share all the required details. 

Then you can schedule a call so I can take you through recommended approach and strategies to make the best of your launch day.

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You can share the details about your product & schedule your call

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