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Why we need more women in Boardrooms | 10th Feb, 6 PM IST

w/Sam Baisla on Indian Startup Club

Women in corporate boardrooms would change everything about business. Why can’t we have more of them

Scaling content marketing team in B2B SaaS | 10th Feb, 6 PM IST

w/ Sunil Neurgaonkar, Pulkit Jain, Akshatha Kamath on SaaS Club

Evaluating team structures to align goals and solve challenges of growing 
a team

Mental Health- How do goals play a part? | 10th Feb, 7 PM IST

w/ Sonam Mahajan on Indian Startup Club

How do you set goals, look at goals? How do goals help you or not with your mental wellbeing? Let’s talk!

O2O Retail in India | 10th Feb, 10 PM IST

w/ Mishaal Nathani, Ashutosh Gehlot on Network Capital

Join us to discuss the rise of Online to Offline retail in India

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